Facebook wants to recruit around sixty AI experts for its Paris center by 2022

by bold-lichterman

After deciding in 2015 to set up its research center on artificial intelligence in Paris with around thirty researchers led by Yann LeCun, Facebook announces that it wants to double the capacities of this research laboratory at the heart of the “Facebook AI Research” network by Europe.

This project is accompanied by a funding program for scholarships and scholarships for excellence and doctorates from several universities as well as funding for 10 latest generation servers for the benefit of research institutes, and a fund for the collection of open data for the benefit of a French public institution.

The investment should represent around ten million euros

“We created FAIR in 2013 with ambitious goals: to advance the science of intelligence and develop applicable technologies by practicing open research. France plays a leading role in global research in artificial intelligence, and our role is to provide the keys to success for the community which promotes French research throughout the world. I am very proud of our ever greater commitment to accelerate French and European research in artificial intelligence. ” Says Yann Lecun, Chief Scientist, Facebook AI Research

This announcement is made in parallel with the mini Davos organized by Emmanuel Macron, which will receive 140 international business leaders in Versailles today. Facebook declares in a press release that it wishes to “actively contribute to France’s ambition to become the European figurehead in AI. Cedric Villani in charge of the report on Artificial Intelligence can only appreciate this approach, even if it is far from being philanthropic.

In partnership with Pole Emploi, Facebook is also planning an online training program for 65,000 unemployed people in difficulty, as well as a program for women who wish to get into entrepreneurship. Sheryl Sandberg will present the entire device tomorrow at Station F.