Facebook uses Pac-Man to create more engagement on Messenger

by bold-lichterman

  • The Menlo Park firm has launched 17 games on Facebook Messenger in 30 countries, including France, on iOS and Android.
  • Last September, Facebook introduced direct payment via bots on its messaging app.

Facebook continues to enrich its service offering on its application Messenger. The Menlo Park firm has just introduced the “Instant Games” function on its instant messaging application. This allows the billion users to access free games to have fun with their contacts. Facebook launched 17 games, including Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga or Brick Pop. For now, this feature is available in 30 countries, including France, on iOS and Android.

Games <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> Messenger “class =” size-medium wp-image-269243 alignleft “height =” 130 ″ src = “http: // www .frenchweb.fr / wp-content / uploads / 2016/11 / Games- <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> -Messenger-550 × 310.png »style =» »Title =» »width =» 200 ″ /> To access these games, users simply need to open a conversation with a friend in <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> Messenger.  At the bottom of the chat window, all they have to do is press the “Instant Games” tab symbolized by a controller.  All they have to do is select the game they want to access from the list offered on the messaging application.  </p>
<p> In order to optimize the experience of its users, <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> has launched “Instant Games” via HTML5 technology.  This allows games to be launched on all smartphone models, without the user needing to perform any installation.  </p>
<h2> <strong> <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> is trying to catch up on WeChat </strong> <br /> </h2>
<p> The launch of this new feature on <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> Messenger directly echoes the offer proposed by WeChat.  And for good reason, the Chinese application, which has more than 800 million users, has had a gaming platform since 2013. </p>
<p> This is not the first time that the Menlo Park firm launches a new service directly inspired by WeChat.  Last September, <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/facebook> Facebook </a> introduced <a href = http: //www.frenchweb.fr/quatre-ans-apres-wechat-facebook -integrated-direct-payment-via-bots-on-messenger / 255797> direct payment via bots </a> on its messaging application.  Four years ago, WeChat already offered a direct payment service on its app to make purchases and transfer money between users. </p>
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