Facebook uses its network to file people threatening the company or its employees

by bold-lichterman

Facebook uses its platform to identify and locate people whom it believes may pose a threat to the group and its employees, the social network said Thursday, in reaction to reports from CNBC. ” The company searches its social network for threatening comments and, in some cases, uses its products to determine the whereabouts of people whom it believes may be a credible threat ”, says the chain in a survey published on its site.

A list containing “hundreds of names”

Asked by AFP, Facebook indicated that its security teams used ” standard measures in the sector to assess and manage credible threats of violence against (his) employees and (his) company and refer them to the police if necessary ”. And remember that this is legal: its terms of use allow it to receive data from users’ devices, such as GPS location, camera or photos, if these device settings have been activated by the user. CNBC also claimed that if a threat was deemed credible, Facebook added the individual to a list of people – containing ” hundreds of names ”– transmitted to the security agents of the firm, then responsible for preventing them from entering the premises.

According to CNBC, the criteria to be considered a threat are not always clear and it is sometimes enough to have insulted the group or its boss Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook to be included. If this kind of security measures are not the prerogative of Facebook, CNBC notes that the group has the particularity of being able to use its own products to flush out and locate threats in real time. Facebook denied to the TV channel lightly placing people on this list. The group is severely criticized for its management – considered opaque and abusive – of the personal data of its users.