Facebook offers a Kickstarter project, Oculus VR, for $ 2 billion

by bold-lichterman

We presented it to you during its creation in 2012, Oculus VR started its development with a virtual reality immersion project using a mask, which had received more than $ 2.4 million in pre-order on Kickstarter in September 2012 when its founder Palmer Luckey was only expecting $ 250,000 in sales.

Faced with this success, many investment funds participated in the financing of the company which, in 2013, raised more than 90 million dollars to ensure its development, notably with Andreessen Horowitz last December.

A bet that will pay off. Mark Zuckerberg has just formalized the takeover of the company: 400 million in cash, the rest in shares on a valuation of 2 billion dollars…!

If Oculus VR has specialized in video games, Mark Zuckerberg wants to use the technology for other purposes, especially in the fields of education or health.