Facebook now provides access to the list of advertisements served by a page

by bold-lichterman

While a study published Tuesday by the Norwegian Consumer Council believes that Facebook and Google are manipulating users despite the GDPR, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network continues to release new features to show its good faith in transparency.

This time, it’s about the ads. Social network users can now see the list of ads served by a page on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, including those to which they are not exposed. To do this, simply go to a page and click on the “information and advertisements” tab.

Report an ad, consult the history of a page …

All pages are affected by this functionality whether they belong to a company, a non-profit organization or any other type of organization. To see how this new transparency tool will be perceived on the side of brands. Note that it also gives users the possibility to report an advertisement if they deem its content “suspicious” and to have access to the history of the page with information such as its creation date or its name changes. .

The extended anti-political interference tool

In the 2016 US presidential election, the Russia-linked Internet Research Agency ran approximately 3,000 paid Facebook ads that reached 10 million Americans. To prevent its network from still allowing any body to interfere in an election, Facebook recalls the existence of “electoral records” and announces that it is starting to be extended.

Already set up in the United States, Brazil, where presidential elections are due to take place in October 2018, will be the next country to experience it. With this tool, political advertisements are advertised as such. It is also possible to find them in the electoral archives by doing a keyword search, for example with the name of a candidate. It is then possible to see by whom the advertisements were financed or the distribution of the audience.