Facebook made the posts of 14 million users public by default

by bold-lichterman

Facebook has made public the posts of 14 million users by default. The existence of the bug was unveiled Thursday by the social network in a blog post.

You were quietly thinking of sharing a post with a few friends or family … This one may have been made public. A bug that falls badly as Facebook tries to improve its image after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

A 10-day bug in May

The bug specifically affected the network from May 18 to 27. Facebook managed to suspend the anomaly as early as May 22 but needed five more days to make all messages private, according to information obtained by AFP. The network is in the process of contacting the people who have been impacted. The anomaly probably affected users with “featured photos”. ” This bug happened because we were building a new way to share featured items on your profile, like a photo. Since these items are public, the proposed audience for all new posts – and not just these items – has gone public. Says Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer, in the blog post.