Facebook donates $ 2 billion to publishers of “social games”

by bold-lichterman

At the Game Developers Conference which was held this week in San Francisco, Facebook announced that it made $ 2.8 billion in sales from social gaming in 2012.

FArmville social gaming headband

The social network also said it paid its publishers to the tune of $ 2 billion, 30% more than a year earlier. This is notably thanks to a 24% increase in the number of users of paid games.

Nearly 200 Facebook games have thus exceeded the one million user mark, for a total of 250M active players, or about 20% of daily users of the social network. In 2011, Facebook’s social games had attracted only 205M players, before returning last August to the level of 2010 with 235M users.

However, this improvement could be short-lived after the announcement last Friday of Zynga’s distancing, game editor Farmville (300M cumulative players) and which is one of the main partners of the social network: Zynga makes its own platform of games accessible without going through Facebook.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos