Facebook and mobile search concentrate marketing investments

by bold-lichterman

Efficient Frontier, has just published the latest results of his study on the performance of digital marketing. For the fourth quarter of 2011, the survey focused on the investments made by brands on Facebook in 2011. The study also underlines the strong dynamism experienced by mobile search.

Facebook and mobile search concentrate marketing investments

We learn that, the share of expenses on the platform to 800M users, accounts for the moment only 2.7% of the total online budgets in Q4 2011. However, the brands would now devote a full budget for these investments and would therefore stop digging into existing budgets for other digital channels.

The study also shows that these investments were mainly used by brands in order to increase their fan base. Thus, according to the calculations of Efficient Frontier, the community of brands fans would have increased by an average of 9% per month during 2011, it should double by the end of 2012. The total budget invested in Facebook, for its part, should reach almost 5% of the total online budget by the end of 2012.

Finally, in addition to the attractiveness of marketers for Facebook, the study highlights the strong growth in investments in the mobile search sector. In fact, these expenses reached 7 to 8% of investments in engines, whereas they totaled only 2% a year ago. The study thus focuses on the challenges represented by tablets, which now account for 50% of mobile searches and 50% of click-sharing. Building on this dynamism, Efficient Frontier estimates that mobile search spending should represent 16 to 22% of total paid links by the end of the year.