Facebook Advertising: Understanding “Video Instagram”

by bold-lichterman

Facebook is changing its advertising formats. Mark Zuckerberg’s firm recently proposed a new format reserved for advertisers. Inspired by video formats developed on Instagram, brands can advertise with:

  • a title in 32 characters on smartphone, 25 characters on computer and tablet;
  • a description of the app in 90 characters;
  • a 15 second video in MP4 format.

This new video format is automatically triggered when the user scrolls through their timeline from an application or a browser. The sound is then cut, the Internet user only has to click on the video to trigger it. For the moment, only a few advertisers selected drop by drop can take advantage of this format.

The society Ampush offers an infographic summarizing how this new advertising format works, as well as the evolution of other formats: mobile, post pages, offers, events, video or simple encouragement to like (click on the infographic to reveal the specifications of the other formats ).