Facebook admits to storing unencrypted passwords on internal servers

by bold-lichterman

Facebook acknowledged on Thursday that the passwords for a very large number of users had been stored on internal servers in unencrypted form, but claimed that there had been no security breaches. ” We have fixed the problem and as a precaution we will notify anyone whose passwords have been stored in this form ”, Facebook said in a statement. According to the site specializing in cybersecurity KrebsOnSecurity, some 20,000 Facebook employees have had access sometimes for years to several hundred million passwords stored in the clear.

The internet giant intends to prevent ” hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users ”, a lean version of the site for regions of the world with a lower quality internet connection, ” tens of millions of other Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users ”, detailed the American group. ” Let’s be clear: these passwords have never been visible to anyone outside of Facebook and we haven’t found anything to date indicating that anyone internally has misused or accessed them improperly ”, insisted the social network, already violently criticized for its management of the personal data of its users, in particular since the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.