Facebook acquires Finnish start-up Pryte

by bold-lichterman

As part of its Internet.org project, Facebook bought the Finnish start-up on Tuesday, June 3 Pryte, for an unknown amount. Founded in 2013, the Helsinki-based company develops web-mobile solutions to facilitate users in developing countries access to mobile applications. To do this, it markets short accesses to mobile applications via short Internet access.

Upon announcement of the takeover, Pryte said: “Since launching Pryte, we have sought to rethink how mobile internet data works, in a world ruled by apps, by building partnerships between mobile operators and creators. mobile applications and content. Now we are joining Facebook. Its mission to connect the world through profitable partnerships between operators, for the benefit of online consumers, aligns perfectly with the objectives of our team ”.

Pryte is made up of around thirty employees under the management of the Finnish Markku Makelainen.