Fabernovel announces the acquisition of Zengularity and strengthens its technology division

by bold-lichterman

After the Chinese company Velvet Group last February, Fabernovel announces the acquisition of the French Zengularity. Founded in 2004 by Habib Guergachi, the company specializes in publishing digital platforms and applications. The company is present in Nantes and Paris. It has around a hundred employees and has worked with Apple, Microsoft and Zalando in particular.

Creation of Fabernovel Technologies

Following this takeover, the French group created a new brand, Fabernovel Technologies. Zengularity and Applidium, acquired in 2011 by Fabernovel and specializing in the development of mobile applications, will work together within this new entity. The objective of this acquisition is to approach the CIOs and to strengthen the technological pole of the group. “We are thus able to design our end-to-end projects to the state of the art of champions born on the right side of the Atlantic and the digital transition.», Analyzes Stéphane Distinguin, founder of Fabernovel. In total, 150 employees will work exclusively on this part.

38 million euros in revenue forecast for 2017

Created in 2003 by Stéphane Distinguin, Fabernovel envisages, with this acquisition, a turnover of 38 million euros in 2017, against 20 million in 2016. In total, the group has nearly 350 employees.