F8: Facebook cancels its annual developer conference due to coronavirus

by bold-lichterman

Facebook announced Thursday the cancellation of its annual developer conference scheduled for early May, amid growing concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic. ” Celebrating our global developer community at the F8 conference every year is incredibly important to us, but we are not going to sacrifice the health (of our partners and employees) to do so ”, said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, director of programs and platforms for developers of Facebook.

This gathering organized in San José, in the middle of Silicon Valley, attracts thousands of engineers every year. It consists of presentations and workshops on the different platforms and products of the world’s leading social network: Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus (virtual reality). The two-day conference will be replaced by local sessions, especially for students, and “Live broadcast video content”. “We looked for other ways to organize the F8 in person, but (…) it wouldn’t have made sense to do it without our international developers”Facebook added.

A first case ” of unknown exposure “

More than 78,600 people have so far been infected in China with the new coronavirus, including more than 2,700 fatally. The disease also affects dozens of other countries, with a toll of some 3,600 infections and more than 50 deaths. Drastic measures are multiplying in the world: Saudi Arabia has suspended the entry of pilgrims and Japan has closed its schools. Last week Facebook had already announced that it would not participate in the annual conference of video game developers, scheduled for San Francisco in March, just like Sony, the Japanese giant in the sector.

The publisher Electronic Arts has also planned to restrict its presence. American health authorities have identified 60 people infected with the new coronavirus: 15 on American soil and 45 returnees from China and a cruise ship stranded in Japan. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed a first case on Wednesday evening “Unknown exposure” among the 15 patients. Treated in California, this person has neither traveled to risk areas nor been in contact with another patient.