[Expert] Your brand does not need a mobile application, by Grégory Pouy

by bold-lichterman

Mobile is on the lips of business leaders and more specifically marketers, and the surrounding noise creates anxiety and the latter… panic.

Panic not to take the train on the way, to miss it when you know that the uses are developing on the mobile …

mobile app

Panic is rarely the source of brilliant ideas unfortunately and so we see many brands rushing to create their brand application …

This should make the service providers happy, probably a little less people at Apple and Android who validate the applications.

As always, the question to ask is relatively simple: what use for consumers?

This simple question (if you answer it honestly) should remove 90% of branded apps. You only have to look at your own uses to realize that we don’t use a lot of apps on a regular basis and unless we are very useful, we will not reopen it.

Already in 2009 we found