[Expert] What do Playstation 4 and Google Glasses tell us about the future of television?

by bold-lichterman

Two major announcements yesterday: the presentation of the Playstation 4, the new video game console from Sony, and that of the Google Glasses.

On the first, we didn’t see much: we still don’t know what the console will look like. But we saw the controller which will offer a touchpad as for the PS Vita, but without a keyboard, too bad …

Expert What do Playstation 4 and Google Glasses tell us
But what I especially remembered is the possibility that players will have to broadcast their prowess live in a game and share on social networks.
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The great immersive video games like Call of Duty, Skyrim, are real second worlds in which players live another experience. And this experience is shared a lot on YouTube in particular. Take a look at the millions of visits made by players who podcast their exploits in games: just images from the game, and the voice over of the player. Live reporting.

For example, DiabloX9, one of the most popular game reporters in France with 1 million subscribers, here reporting in “Call of Duty Modern Warfare II” with more than 590,000 video viewers:

This other YouTuber, Fantabobgames, offers entire game sessions, per episode (there are over 160 of them on Skyrim):
There is also Minecraft, the independent half-game, half-parallel world game created by players, which brings together thousands of videos on YouTube and billions of views, and therefore a lot of “reports” on the creations of players in this game. world:
With the Playstation 4, players will therefore be able to provide massive video platforms and social networks with reports or live sessions of their lives on these games. Games in which they live experiences, they make discoveries, or meet other players. As games become more and more immersive and social, one can easily imagine what will become of these “televisions” of virtual worlds tomorrow.

To meditate.

The second strong announcement of the day is this new video from Google showing “what it feels like to wear Google Glasses”. The video caused a huge “WOW” across the tech-savvy planet. Judge instead:

Here, the same impression: a total and connected immersion in a world, in first person view. Except this is real life.

Here, we live the real world in connection with the Internet to have increased information on a place, but also to share with our friends what we are going through: a splendid view, a moment of emotion , an earthquake…

Here again, with a little imagination, we can easily visualize what reports could be in Google Glasses View. We can also imagine what these millions of glasses open to the world in real time offer as image possibilities for the televisions of tomorrow. Official but above all personal televisions, distributed.

A network of images immersed in the augmented real world and in the virtual world, shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LIveStream or UStream …

The two objects will be released between the end of the year and 2014. The revolution is near.

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