[Expert] Major League Baseball uses Vine for 2013 season opener- by Hubert Munyazikwiye

by bold-lichterman

For the opening of the new baseball season, the publishers of the MLB13 video game have launched a campaign on the trendy new social network: Wine. For those who do not know Wine, this social network, launched by the Twitter teams, is characterized by its format, namely that it allows you to create 6-second videos and publish them to your friends.

In the case of MLB13, the agency in charge of the account, BLITZ, decided to create fictitious baseball cards in which one can see for 6 seconds an action of the game of one of the Major League Baseball teams. These Vine contents were sent to bloggers and influencers of video games and baseball as well as users addicted to the game. The videos were therefore personalized according to the preferences and affinities of each to maximize the impact.

Here are some examples :

New toy for agencies and community managers who try crazy things (cf.Fred & Farid with La Redoute), the platform lends itself perfectly to the objective that the brand wishes to serve, namely to increase interest in the game for the start of the season.

So well done MLB13, well done BLITZ for this interesting and intelligent first use of Vine.

Hubert is the author of SportsMarketing.fr and FrenchWeb expert on digital sports marketing.