[Expert] CES 2015: the full report, key points, news …

by bold-lichterman

You were waiting for it, here it is, the tenth Las Vegas CES report, 2015 edition !

Like every year, I published a first version of key points the day after the show ends and just before taking off from Las Vegas. Here you have the full version!

This 2015 report is no exception to the rule of precedents: it is always published as a freely downloadable PDF that you can read on the screen of your choice or transform into paper if you wish.


The report is available on this link or by clicking on the report cover below. If you want to refer to it in your post, use a pointer to this item instead than on the PDF. The file is 26 MB. If the download doesn’t work, there are too many of you trying to get it at the same time. Try it a bit later.

You can also access my many photos of this CES which are classified by categories (audio, components, drones, photo, etc.) in my home plugin Photo-Folders which equips this blog.

Highlights of the 2015 edition

In this edition, you will find in particular:

  • An overview of market developments consumer electronics, both qualitative and quantitative with an update on the main large companies in the sector.

3D Rudder
Free opinions. The photos of Olivier Ezratty
  • An overview of 154 French companies present at CES this year in one way or another, 45 more than in 2014, which themselves were fifty more than in 2013. This strong presence testifies to the prolixity of French startups in the sector connected objects. I take this opportunity to explain how the other major countries manage their presence at CES.

  • I take this opportunity to complete the advice for aspiring visitors and exhibitors since this report, contrary to appearances, is an incentive to visit or exhibit at this fair.

  • The traditional stupid marketing practices companies present at CES. You will see that nonsense is always more or less the same.

  • Update on the construction of the ecosystem 4K in terms of display and content, with a detailed technical description of the display technologies underlying the “Super 4K”, which arrived this year, such as quantum dots and high dynamic range.

  • An equivalent point on the so-called “OTT”Of non-linear consumption of video content.

  • Update on the two current revolutions in the audio market: the high-resolution sound and themulti-channel object oriented audio.

  • An increasingly dense panorama of the connected objects, well segmented by uses with a high point in the health sector and that of connected watches. In particular, I deal with the key factors of success (or failure) of connected objects.

  • The interesting developments in the offer in the3d printing which change the state of the art, without really developing the general public market.

  • The usual point in the market of electronic components covering processors, storage, networks, photo / video sensors, display and interfaces.

The whole is 304 pages, still 22 more than in the 2014 edition, and with 770,838 characters! This report has the particularity of covering all the news in the areas covered and not just the products visible at CES. When a remarkable product has come out in the past 12 months, I treat it like it’s attending CES. There is no discrimination. Despite this, the vast majority of the products discussed are present at CES in one way or another.

If you download this report and are used to it, you will know that this is its characteristic: its exhaustive and caustic side, two elements that are hardly encountered in the abundant media coverage of the show which attracted even more this year. But the report is also summarized in one page (page 20) and nine pages (11 to 19)!

Proofreading and revisions

This edition benefited from the proofreading of a few loyal or new volunteers, which made it possible to eliminate a large number of slags both in substance and in form. They are Carine Coulm, Stéphane Mougin, Brian Fraval, Olivier Carmona, Dimitri Carbonnelle, Olivier Cahagne and Vidal Chriqui. It is also thanks to them that this report is clean! If you are volunteering to do the same for the 2016 edition, contact me by email now or early January 2016.

However, you can still report errors or oversights spotted after the publication of January 26, 2015. I correct them by updating the PDF on this site while updating a log of revisions at the end of the document.

Conferences and studies associated with the CES Report

Like the previous ones, this CES 2015 Report can be downloaded free of charge for the benefit of the greatest number of readers and in the process give you life to visit the next CES or even exhibit there. It’s also my business card and a big chunk of my “time” marketing budget for the year as an independent consultant. I am not a journalist! This is the business model: it’s freemium!

I can therefore enlighten interested companies with multi-format versions of this Report: business versions, conferences, brainstorming seminars, reflections on product strategy. The difference compared to the many consultants who proliferate around CES and in particular connected objects? A 360 ° look at the themes, which integrates the dimension of the engineer (which I am), as well as of marketing and business (linked to my experience), all with a critical and analytical mind. For connected objects, I made an inventory of their success factors.

These interventions are also there to finance and perpetuate this initiative which could not last if there were no companies to play the game. It is a different model from that of sponsorship which is more frequent. It ensures greater editorial independence.

After the Hub Institute Prediction Day January 21 andEBG January 22, I also speak in some conferences open to the public by registration and in particular:

  • At Connected Objects Hub, in the morning of Tuesday January 27, at Bpifrance boulevard Haussmann.

  • At Paris Images Pro, January 28, with a focus on video and audio since it is a trade fair dedicated to film production professionals. It’s at the Docks de Paris in Aubervilliers from 10am.

  • For France Congress, in Nancy, on January 29.

  • At Advertisers Club February 9, in Paris.

This report is free, so do not keep it fair for you ! Make its existence known by all possible means in your business or with your social friends! As the Startups Guide, it helps to grow the French digital ecosystem and “FrenchTech”.

Good reading !

Olivier-EzrattyOlivier Ezratty is a consultant in new technologies and author ofFree opinions, a blog on digital media (digital TV, digital cinema, digital photography), and on entrepreneurship (innovation, marketing, public policies, etc.). Olivier is an expert for FrenchWeb.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos

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