Experience feedback: two years as a product designer at Viadeo

by bold-lichterman

Viadeo. 2 and a half years as Product designer then Head of design. Who does not know Viadeo? The professional social network to connect recruiters and candidates.

Often compared to the giant Linkedin, Viadeo has been a nugget of the French Web since 2004 which has established itself in the recruitment market.

Today I will come back to the work I was able to do at Viadeo and the current situation from a point of view design in the business.

User experience

Viadeo is a complex site which over time has offered more and more features to different users. Did you know that Viadeo has no less than 7 sites which are just as many media and users to address?

With a base of 60 million members, it is a real challenge to offer a seamless user experience for profiles as different as jobseekers, freelancers, recruiters or salespeople.

Optimizing user experience has been challenged by others challenges that the company had to take up: arrival and development of a huge competitor in the market that you all know and use, strategic re-orientations, technical migrations etc…

Today, despite a global reflection on user experience, all of our supports work perfectly on their own but are not part of a sufficiently coherent whole, because they have been developed progressively with constantly evolving issues and problems.

Result? The user must learn a different use according to each site, each product.

This complex environment taught me a lot for more than 2 years and here is what I would have liked to offer our members, in another context: a slightly different vision of what you may know or perceive from Viadeo.

Let’s go! Viadeo is a set of products, such as:


  • Viadeo.com: the “mother” site to connect candidates and recruiters.
  • Company Page: the interface that allows Companies to manage their employer brand through a page integrated into viadeo.com which has dedicated them.
  • Recruiter account (= talent bank): to find the ideal candidate through a profile library.
  • Viadeo Freelance: a dedicated website to connect freelance and project leaders.
  • Viadeo Advertising: all campaign solutions display and video targeted in real-time bidding with an audience of 11 million profiles.
  • Viadeo Recruiter: a dedicated website explaining the solutions offered by Viadeo for recruiters.
  • Viadeo App: the flagship mobile application of viadeo.com

What is Viadeo used for? What does the site offer me?

The proliferation of media and graphic identities disrupt the path of users which is often broken by external sites.

It then becomes very complicated when you are on viadeo.com to know where to go, and especially what to do.

For several months, I wanted to re-imagine Viadeo.

My objective? On the basis of the new ViaNext 2016 positioning, re-address Viadeo’s navigation so that the user immediately knows what tools are at his disposal to carry out his professional project (search for a job or find a candidate)

How? ‘Or’ What? This involves a global overhaul of the navigation but also of existing products and features.

Global vision

  • Segment usage: based on our personas, adopt operation in “Profile” mode.
  • Promote independence of each profile without taking it out of a global consistency: each profile is independent, linked by the first, the “native” and mandatory profile of Viadeo (free or premium).
  • Keep it simple: we can switch profile in one click.
  • Adaptive: we opt for a header which is common for each profile, some entries may change, targeted for the current user.


  • The user is identified by his type of profile, we can send him the right tools and a better user experience.

  • The user is reassured: he is always in the best place to carry out his research.

  • The user is segmented.

  • The user knows exactly what he can do thanks to Viadeo.


The header Viadeo is one of the major entry points for navigation.



UX finding

The finding is clear, the Viadeo header is confused.

  • many entry points (icons, text, links, etc.) and duplicates,

  • no entry segmentation, whether I am jobseeker or recruiter everything is mixed and visible,

  • many aging pages in terms of content (technical debt),

  • search minimized,
  • no strategic positioning,

  • no valuation of the use of the site: why use it?

UI finding

  • double header imposing,

  • dark gray background not very rewarding,

  • many different entry points for similar actions,

  • logo too present,

  • user not highlighted enough, where is he? who is he?


Lighten the header Viadeo while taking into account technical and resource constraints.


How do we do it? We simplify.

We start by making the double disappear header, heavy and imposing. We value the search so that it becomes an element in its own right, decorated with header. It will be present on the pages that require search.

We add a dedicated button for Viadeo offers, grouped together in one place. We avoid having a dedicated site that leaves Viadeo.

We remove the sub-menus. We remove the add dcr notification icon, grouped in alerts. We value the user and add a badge per type of profile (premium, jobseeker, company page, freelance). Finally we set up a switch in profile to easily switch from one to the other.





Today the home connected is the newsfeed. Entry point for hot news from his network, this page does not let the user know that Viadeo will be able to help him find a job, or get in touch with his network or even find a freelance. .


Add a new entry point that is this new home connected, summary of the possible entry points on Viadeo.

This home highlight the vital features for the user in their experience and will be personalized according to his profile. A jobseeker will not have the same home than a recruiter, for example.

It will be a new space where we can push different functions but also marketing pushes. When we arrive on Viadeo, we are connected to this home and no longer on the newsfeed.


Profile and Jobs

On the same note, the Profile and Jobs page have been reworked with a simple, intuitive and efficient interface. The goal is always the same: to make Viadeo the n ° 1 platform to easily connect candidates and recruiters.


Here is.

Above all, Viadeo has been a fascinating, thrilling and above all human adventure. Even though I couldn’t do everything I wanted, I had the opportunity to create and manage a team of six in a wonderful atmosphere. I worked closely with great people. I was able to question a lot of projects and products, challenge a lot of features and I was proud to be able to participate in all of this. I discovered new methods, ways of thinking. I learned, grew and evolved. Thank you Viadeo!

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marie-dehayesMarie Dehayes is currently Product Designer. She was previously Head of design at Viadeo, UI & UX designer. She was artistic director and graphic designer in Bordeaux. She also created her online jewelry sales company, which she ran for 4 years from 2010 to 2014. It was called Secret Velvet.

His Twitter account: @mariedehayes

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