Expensya wants to dust off expense management

by bold-lichterman

Transfer your expense reports in a few clicks: this is the promise ofExpensya, a Parisian start-up that has developed a mobile application to facilitate the management of expense reports in companies. Concretely, an employee just has to take a photo of a receipt using his smartphone. The app then recognizes the key data (amount, VAT, etc.) and sends them to the competent department of its company. And if it is an invoice by e-mail, a simple transfer to a dedicated address is sufficient.

The accounting department, for its part, keeps track of each employee’s expenses and can even interact directly with one of them if necessary. Indicative spending ceilings may also soon be set. “Today, the reimbursement is made outside the system, i.e. the accountant makes a classic transfer, but in the medium term, the reimbursement can be done directly in the application.», Explains to Frenchweb Karim Jouini, the founder.

The company markets its solution as a service, with prices starting at 5 euros per month per active user. Other players such as Cleemy or Birdly are also positioning themselves in this market, which aims to simplify the administrative management of companies. To stand out, Expensya intends to seduce large accounts. Within one or two years, the start-up has set itself the goal of “converting two to three of the largest accounting firms in the world and integrating 10,000 to 15,000 end users”. More details with Karim Jouini, the founder of Expensya.

Founder: Karim Jouini

Creation date : 2014

The head office : Paris

Offices: Paris, Tunis

Number of users : several hundred B2B users (VSEs, SMEs), a few major accounts in the process of “emboarding”.

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