Exclusive- Videoconferencing: Lyonnais Glowbl raises $ 2 million and lands in San Francisco

by bold-lichterman

“There are a lot of videoconferencing systems on the market and Glowbl is distinguished first of all by its more human, more social and more engaging interface ”explains to Frenchweb Mathieu Labey, the founder, who wants to walk on the grounds of the giants that are Skype or Google Hangouts. His start-up has just raised $ 2 million from its historical investors and new partners, all French. More than traditional videoconferencing, the company is developing real-time communication and collaboration solutions in the cloud. This is her second round of funding since she had raised 713,000 euros in October 2013.

Video conferencing integrated with social networks

The platform is presented as a social network allowing its users to experience live events thanks to “Livestage”, private or public sessions in the form of chat or video where it is possible to discuss by inviting friends. It is a “patented interface that reproduces human interactions and behaviors by organizing a videoconference between all participants as if the event or meeting were taking place in” real life “” explains the company.

“Glowbl’s experience is very different from its classic, cooler competitors. Glowbl is more open, has a quantity of media and content that can be used in real time, the ability to use tools like Dropbox, Yammer Docs, Vimeo, Youtube but also Soundcloud, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo, or Maps which allows you to ‘address very broad uses that may be needed between employees and friends ”.

As soon as a Livestage is created, a URL link generated to be broadcast on social networks and thus invite other users to join the “Glowbl, allows you to create permanent communication spaces in 30 seconds, reusable throughout the year, a link is enough to be broadcast, even well in advance to give yourself time to communicate. A “LiveStage Glowbl” can even be integrated into any website ”.

60,000 users

With this new investment, Glowbl will take the opportunity to expand into the American market with the opening of an office in San Francisco. “This is the right place for disruptive innovations. The early adopters are present very gathered. The bay area almost always has at least one local office of our potential partners, making it easy to explore and business development. Our presence here is essential for concluding new technological partnerships. Our main objective is to make the platform and its uses known in the United States and to bring in new partners ”explains Mr. Labey. The American office is made up, to begin with, of two collaborators.

The company had been talked about in December when, for the global innovation competition launched by the French government, Arnaud Montebourg, then Minister of Productive Recovery, chose the tricolor nugget to the detriment of Google and its Hangouts, for organize video conferences for the event for speakers participating remotely from other countries. “The Glowbl interface stands out even more on open events with a large audience where the number of participants can be unlimited: a simple tweet from Glowbl by a participant, a Facebook or LinkedIn post can make it possible to bring more and more people at a conference, demo, course, workshop, interview, pitch crowdfunding… ”according to Mr. Labey.

Soon in freemium model

Based in Lyon, Glowbl has 17 employees in France and claims more than 5,000 Livestages permanently open and 60,000 users on its platform. These are companies or individuals. Currently free, the solution will soon be offered on a model freemium where additional options will be available for paying users.

“The platform will include a paid part from the end of October for confidential use by more than 5 simultaneous people and from the second person in fully secure and encrypted mode. The bill is based on the maximum monthly concurrent users, with no time or feature limits. A subscription model adapted to companies will be available to give each employee the possibility of creating a new meeting space in one click, graphically adapted, preconfigured to start a meeting in a few seconds. The use of Glowbl with spaces open to all will remain free ”according to Mr. Labey.

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