Exclusive interview: Seed4Soft, a new club of entrepreneur investors dedicated to software projects

by bold-lichterman

In a context where the funding of startups in the software sector by institutional venture capital investors is declining, from 25% on average in 2004 to 15% in 2010 according to the Chausson Finances indicator, some directors of the French Association Software Publishers (AFDEL) and software professionals have decided to create the business angels club Seed4Soft.

Exclusive interview Seed4Soft a new club of entrepreneur investors dedicatedTheir mission is to finance, support and coach entrepreneurs whose main profession is software publishing. As indicated by his name, Seed4Soft will devote itself to seed funding for young innovative companies on tickets of 200,000 to 300,000 €. 3 to 4 projects will be selected each year for a global envelope close to 1 M €. The new economic models of Software as a Service (SaaS) or Open Source will be favored

As Isai, Seed4Soft is therefore a grouping of entrepreneur-business angels but this club will only be made up of a maximum of 20 members. An investment will be validated if at least 1/3 of the members participate in the financing of the project.

Seed4Soft is an association Law of 1901, member of the network France Angels.

Exclusive interview with Franck Delorme, President and Laurent Balayre, Treasurer

List of members at launch:

  • Laurent Balayre Since 2009, Entrepreneur & Private Investor – Hightee
  • Patrick bertrand Deputy General Manager and since 2002 CEO – CEGID Group
  • Francois Bourdoncle Since 2008, Chief Strategy Officer – Dassault Systemes / Exalead
  • Franck Delorme Since 2011, Consultant. President & CEO – Sparus Software 2005 – 2010 (sold to Zenprise Inc.)
  • Philippe Forestier Since 2008, Executive Vice-President – International Affairs. Member of the Executive Committee – Dassault Systemes
  • Philippe gluntz Since 2009, President – France Angels.
  • Jean-Noel Grandval Since 2009, Consultant – Torrenval
  • Laurent Henault Since 2005, President & CEO – W4
  • Marc Jalabert Since 2008, Business & Marketing Officer – Microsoft France
  • Olivier Njamfa Since 2001, Co-founder, President & CEO – Eptica
  • Olivier Novasque Since 2000, Founder & CEO – Sidetrade
  • Gilles Rigal Since 2001, Partner, Technology Sector – Apax
  • Jacques Sebag COO – Everteam 2008 – 2010