[Exclu] The results of the first Foursquare survey in France

by bold-lichterman

Who are the fans of check-in in France? Until now, it was difficult to answer because all the studies carried out around Foursquare only concerned users located across the Atlantic. To remedy this shortcoming, the Lille agency Nice to meet you conducted online the first French survey (available in full from tomorrow) dedicated to the uses of the famous application.

Exclu The results of the first Foursquare survey in France

FrenchWeb exclusively delivers the main results of this first survey:

  • 50.9% of users are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Only 24% of women are registered on Foursquare.
  • Foursquare users have little presence on other geolocation services: only 18.2% on Facebook Places, 11.9% Google Latitude and 3% for Gowalla!
  • The iPhone is the smartphone of choice (60.5%) for accessing Foursquare.
  • 81.3% have never benefited from a “Special”.
  • 51.1% believe they are logging into Foursquare more and more often.

The study also looked at the motivations for this use …

  • Users are active on the geo-socialized network to collect points, badges and become Mayor (81.2%).
  • To inform their contacts of the places they frequent (71.1%).
  • To find out where their contacts are (61.3%).
  • Only 30.2% use it to take advantage of a ” special “, these mobile coupons that can be activated following one or more check-ins in a specific location.
  • And barely 16% follow the tips of business, brand and people pages.

The survey was carried out from September 1 to 22. 1350 Internet users were surveyed.