[Exclu] Sharypic, iPhone event photo sharing application

by bold-lichterman

The collaborative photo sharing platform Sharypic just launched its eponymous iPhone application.

Created in March 2011, Sharypic allows users to find all the photos linked to a public (concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, etc.) or private event. Collaborative, the platform also allows Internet users to add their own photos themselves and thus feed this database.

Exclu Sharypic iPhone event photo sharing application

The launch of the iPhone application thus gives full meaning to the service by offering mobile users the possibility of adding live photos of an event. The service also offers the possibility to contributors import existing photos from Picasa, Flickr or Facebook albums. It also allows you to vote for the best photos, to publicize the event to loved ones through social networks, to create your own events and finally to invite your friends to contribute.

Intuitive and offering a neat design, the application offers very fluid navigation. For example, just type the word “foot” in the search engine to find the album of the last major event linked to this sport, in this case: the African Cup of Nations.

1606081675 571 Exclu Sharypic iPhone event photo sharing applicationFounded by three web and photography enthusiasts (François-Joseph Grimault, Christian Blavier and Martin Fourcade), the start-up has already benefited from an investment of € 240,000 via the European investment fund HackFwd. It is also the first young French company to have integrated this program.

In order to monetize its service, the company is already offering a freemium offer for professionals. They can thus benefit from a range of services such as the display on screen of photos taken in real time during the event. In the longer term, the company also intends to develop a freemium offer intended for individuals within the framework of private events. In addition, Sharypic plans to diversify its income through an affiliate system by monetizing services related to the use of photos, such as printing them for example.