[Exclu] Odiogo launches Talking Netvibes, the iPhone application that vocalizes your Netvibes news

by bold-lichterman

Odiogo, publisher of cloud audio solutions, has just launched Talking Netvibes, an iPhone application that reads your news on Netvibes. It allows you to read all the feeds on your smartphone and select the news which will then be vocalized by the application.

Exclu Odiogo launches Talking Netvibes the iPhone application that vocalizesA text to speech solution developed for multi-tasking enthusiasts. In other words, getting information while driving, cooking or running… Talking Netvibes is also a welcome feature for the blind. It uses a set of Netvibes APIs. A sharing function has been implemented so that the user can share the audio transcript via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The application is available on theApple Store priced at $ 2.99 for 6 months of renewable use.

Example of vocalization of an article: