[Exclu] Nantes start-up Lengow opens in Canada and launches a universal tracker

by bold-lichterman

At the conclusion of its second funding round in July (€ 1.2 million with Alven Capital), Lengow had mentioned its ambition for development in North America. The Nantes start-up, a SaaS solution for e-merchants, is laying the first stone of its presence across the Atlantic with the opening of an office in Montreal. It is managed by Virginie de Malavois, former Commercial Director of Shopping.com. The launch in the United States is scheduled for early 2012.

Exclu Nantes start up Lengow opens in Canada and launches aAt the same time, Lengow is launching TagCapsule, its universal tracker. A tool to simplify the management of e-marketing campaigns for merchants. Concretely, an e-merchant has as many tags as he has a broadcaster, that is to say he must manage his multiple tags, which generally requires technical skills, time and which remains a complex action. . TagCapsule therefore makes it possible to simply centralize the management of all trackers within a single tag. Among the thirty trackers available: Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Nextag, Google Analytics, Xiti, Google Adwords, Tradedoubler, Affilinet, iAdvize …

Interview with Michaël Froger, co-founder and technical director of Lengow.

Created in 2009, Lengow offers a complete SaaS solution to e-merchants for manage their referencing, profitability and marketing on all distribution media. The Nantes start-up claims 500 customers in Europe (France, UK, Germany, Spain) and has around 20 employees.