[Exclu] Launch of edjing for iPad, a world first of “social mix”

by bold-lichterman

Here is a start-up which goes up… DJiT, specialized in the development of mobile music mixing applications, launched in November 2011, and became widely known with Edjing DJ Turntable, an iPhone application downloaded several million times. DJiT also edits also edits edjing.com, a music video platform for listening, mixing and sharing more than 20 million clips for free and legally on the internet.

Exclu Launch of edjing for iPad a world first of

The start-up is launching an iPad application today ” edjing for iPad“, Which contains major exclusives. Indeed, much more than a mixing application, edjing integrates sharing functions on social networks, and is therefore positioned as the very first social mixing application on the Apple tablet.

All the creations of the users of the application are then available on the platform edjing. An android version is under development.

DJiT is based on a freemium economic model (generated by advertising revenue and sales in-apps mix features) and continues to offer, as on iPhone, a free service on iPad.

FrenchWeb carried out the exclusive interview with Jean-Baptise Hironde on its set in June. It is only after long negotiations that edjing has only just obtained the validation of its iPad application.

An unusual delay that poses a question: Did the quality of the edjing service and its rising notoriety worry Apple? This is a probable hypothesis, especially since the performance of the French start-up will undoubtedly not escape potential investors.

The interview with Jean-Baptiste Hironde, founder of edjing, and the DJ demo Benjamin braxton :