[Exclu] France Télévisions launches its web and mobile platform FranceTV Info

by bold-lichterman

France TV Info is a new platform for following the news live in a dimension qualified as “active”. It will be available in mobile versions, tablets and a website.

Available initially through an iPhone application this morning, the France TV Info application makes it possible to follow the news via five tabs. The most original functionality is “Live”: a succession of messages to find out what is happening at the moment t.

Exclu France Televisions launches its web and mobile platform FranceTV
New editorial device, we find all the information, photos and videos in the same stream and the advantage is that everyone can intervene at any time for a reaction, an information or a question in the same timeline as that of the editorial staff. Journalists respond live or almost, which inaugurates a new form of interactivity whose content at cruising speed of the platform will be interesting.

The other 4 tabs:

  • The titles: offers you the selection of the most important information, made by the editorial staff of francetv info
  • Tops: the most shared information and the most commented on by users
  • The regions: information near you, reported by the editorial staff of France Télévisions in metropolitan regions and overseas
  • Images: all the news videos and photo slideshows to watch the news in a graphic and offbeat treatment.

The website France TV Info, occasionally online this morning, will be officially online tomorrow. The Android application will be available in a few days and before the end of the year a special iPad version will be released.