[Exclu] Cedexis unveils its new “Fusion” solution

by bold-lichterman

Cedexis unveils “Fusion”, a new tool for aggregating data from third parties (third-party applications, hardware, network monitoring tools, CDNs and Clouds), making it possible to optimize real-time traffic routing.

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Founded in 2009 by Julien Coulon and Marty Kagan, Cedexis defines itself as a “net switch”, directing traffic on platforms (CDN, Cloud) offering the best performance at time T.

The company, present in Europe and the United States, claims more than 1 billion performance measures per day on 45 CDN / Cloud platforms evaluated in 230 countries. Today it has a total of 30 employees based in Paris, London, Portland and SanFrancisco. The company has nearly 350 clients from the entertainment, media, luxury goods and e-commerce industries.

“Fusion” allows companies to leverage their investments in reporting and monitoring solutions to improve the performance of their websites and web applications in real time.

Available for customers of Cedexis through their private portal, “Fusion” integrates data from third-party sources into the Cedexis Openmix platform to direct traffic to the technical platform and / or service provider that offers the best availability, the best performance or the best cost-performance ratio depending on the performance of resources.

Greg Unrein, VP Product Management at Cedexis, explains: “Fusion now makes available the data produced to automate the improvement of the performance of the infrastructure on which an online service is based”. He adds: “In practice, Fusion is more than a data aggregator. It is the point of convergence of all the flows that feed the Openmix traffic dispatcher and gives it its intelligence to allow each customer to make a single application capable of detecting and bypassing incidents in real time in the objective of achieving a service availability rate close to 100% ”.

Finally, and according to our information, Cedexis is also in the fundraising phase to increase its development.