[Exclu] Brainsonic integrates Speech to Text with EncodingAll and attacks the Asian market

by bold-lichterman

Brainsonic, the rich media production specialist, enriches EncodingAll, its professional video encoding service in the Cloud, with Speech to Text.

This innovation analyzes the audio tape of the media and automatically generates the text, subtitles and keywords for the video. Thus, media indexing is optimized to improve accessibility and visibility on search engines.

Jean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Brainsonic: “The challenges for companies are numerous because transcription can considerably enrich the user experience. Video visibility is clearly becoming a differentiating factor at a time when online video communication is developing ”.

Exclu Brainsonic integrates Speech to Text with EncodingAll and attacks
Another new feature, EncodingAll is now available in Mandarin. China represents a market of 460 million Internet users, 62% of whom communicate with video. Among them, 63 million do so through mobile. The main objective of the service is to offer a solution capable of encoding all kinds of media. EncodingAll is enriched with new encoding formats to complete the optimization of videos on Web, TV and Mobile screens but also on new media such as Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360 or Zune. Brainsonic will showcase new innovations in the last quarter of the year.

Brainsonic broadcasts more than 300 lives per year and operates a hundred WebTV platforms. Among its clients: Adobe, BNP Paribas, Bouygues, EMI, General Electric, Microsoft, Société Générale, Voyages-SNCF… The company has around 100 employees and aims for 2011 turnover of around € 10 million.