[Exclu] 3D printing: Sculpteo raises 2 million euros

by bold-lichterman

While the 3D printing market is about to show real signs of takeoff – $ 5 billion in the USA in 2020 – the French Sculpteo announces a fundraising of € 2M from the XAnge Private Equity fund and several business angels. Launched in 2009, the start-up has developed a 3D printing software engine in the cloud, which makes it possible to produce real manufactured products from digital files: iPhone 5 cases unseen in the world, prototypes for the automotive industry, objects everyday etc …

Exclu 3D printing Sculpteo raises 2 million euros
At the origin of the start-up, 3 founders: Clément Moreau and Eric Carreel and Jacques Lewiner. The latter two being in fact alumni of Inventel, the company that gave birth to the LiveBox from France Telecom and its equivalent at British Telecom.

Sculpteo will receive the prestigious prize for the best innovation for its mobile application at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas in the mobile application and software category. Visibility which is timely for the start-up which wants to accelerate its development on the American market.

Interview with Clément Moreau, co-founder of Sculpteo