EveryCheck raises 200,000 euros to detect fake CVs

by bold-lichterman

  • EveryCheck wishes to develop the “background-check” in France, which is widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries.
  • The start-up has authorization from the CNIL to collect information on candidates.

EveryCheck, a system for checking references for candidates applying for a job or for renting an apartment, announces a first round of funding of 200,000 euros. Among the investors, 170,000 euros were invested by individuals (the start-up did not communicate their identity) and the rest by the BPI.

Created in 2015 by Yohan Zibi and Jérôme Mourey, EveryCheck is a French start-up which wishes to develop a system well known in Anglo-Saxon countries, the “background-check“. It offers a service for verifying the information on CVs. “65% of CVs verified by EveryCheck to date present at least one fraudulent information, verification is therefore a major issue for companies»Analyzes Yohan Zibi, co-founder of EveryCheck.

The tool uses machine learning and big data to verify the information on the candidates’ CVs and collect the data. It is also possible for landlords to ask the start-up to verify the information provided by future tenants. Applicants must nevertheless give their consent via an online signature before the procedure is launched. The service is available from 59 euros. A report can be sent within 48 hours. EveryCheck has authorization from the CNIL to carry out its research.

In this market, EveryCheck has to deal with competitors such as Check It or Verif CV. They are both websites that allow verification of information on CVs.

With this investment, EveryCheck wishes to develop its big data and machine learning solution, expand the offer and expand its teams. The start-up now has 8 employees. By the end of the year, that number is expected to more than double to a workforce of 18. For this same year, the turnover target to be reached is 400,000 euros.

Founders: Yohan Zibi and Jérôme Mourey

Launch: 2015

The head office : Paris

Activity: data verification

Funding: 200,000 euros in March 2017

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