European CNILs take action against Google

by bold-lichterman

As announced at the end of February, the European CNILs are putting their threats against Google into action after the American giant introduced new confidentiality rules last year.

Six of them have decided today to initiate coordinated actions (investigation, controls, etc.) against the Mountain View firm. The latter has indeed “adopted no concrete measures” to bring its confidentiality policy in line with European data protection legislation.

Last October, the G29, which brings together the European data protection authorities, highlighted the problems and shortcomings posed by the rules by collecting too much data and not respecting the right to be forgotten.

The French CNIL, responsible for coordinating the actions of the 5 other authorities (Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), thus notified Google of the opening of a control procedure in France and of an international administrative cooperation procedure with his counterparts in the working group.

Isabelle Falque-Pierroti, president of the CNIL, mentioned in particular, at the end of February in the columns of the Nouvel Observateur, a financial sanction that could reach between 300,000 € and 1M € depending on the country.

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