EuraTech’Days Summer, focal point of French Tech

by bold-lichterman

As the Lille incubator EuraTechnologies grows, the EuraTech’Days Summer are establishing themselves a little more each year within the French ecosystem, but also internationally. For this third edition, Raouti Chehih, Managing Director of EuraTechnologies, wanted to give the event a more global dimension. For two days, July 4 and 5, more than 2,400 people took part in the event to learn, discuss and network through keynotes and conferences.

This year, the EuraTech’Days Summer took place around the theme “We Make” so that everyone can tell their experiences and share them with other players in the Lille and French ecosystem to give birth to new innovative initiatives. “Today we are in a mature ecosystem, but one that needs to meet. Based on this observation, we create the conditions for the actors of this ecosystem to meet.», Explains Raouti Chehih.

In addition to creating the conditions to encourage meetings, EuraTechnologies also works in education. This will soon materialize with the opening of the first European campus dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.