EU: Thierry Breton affirms it, the supervision of Gafa will be the responsibility of each member state

by bold-lichterman

European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Digital Thierry Breton said on Tuesday that the supervision of large digital companies would be the responsibility of each member state, excluding the creation of a European agency for this purpose. While the European Commission must unveil new legislation (“Digital Services Act”) to supervise Gafa (acronym designating Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) by the end of the year, Thierry Breton has lifted a part of the veil over the architecture of future surveillance.

“We do not intend to create a new agency, a new supervisor ex nihilo; we will ask each State to have an entity or an operator responsible for ensuring that all this works well ”, explained Breton during a press conference. This mission will be delegated to “Agencies that already exist, CSAs (Superior Audiovisual Council, editor’s note)”, which will be coordinated, “At Union level”, by an instance ” in which the Commission will sit ”, he said. This supervision will concern both the role of Internet “gatekeeper” and the fight against disinformation or the management of personal data.

The Commissioner justified the need to regulate the “information space” with this new law, which is a priority for the European executive, by the fact that “Digital companies had become systemic”, like the banks during the 2008 crisis. However, in addition to being “too big to fail” (too big to fail without very serious consequences), “They can give the feeling of being ‘too big to care’ (too big to care about their influence): it is up to us to remind them of their impact on their environment”, he added. Regarding the public consultation, intended precisely to assess this impact, opened between June and September, he indicated that he had received “More than 3,000” contributions.