[Etudiants] Three new apps for the start of the school year

by bold-lichterman

iTunes U, your multidisciplinary teacher, Welcome students: rental 2.0, Organize your student life with Agenda +… Discover 3 new applications.

Etudiants Three new apps for the start of the school

iTunes U, your multidisciplinary teacher

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iTunes U is like the Apple Store for educational content. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it gives you access to comprehensive courses from top universities and schools, as well as a large digital catalog of educational content. From math to Japanese, history to biology, take advantage of the classes and homework on offer and take notes to hone your learning.
Finally, the interactive catalog gives you access to more than 500,000 lectures, videos, books and other free resources and lets you browse the collections offered by educational and cultural institutions in 26 countries, such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, and even the MoMA museum.

Welcome students: rental 2.0

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The application ” Welcome to Students »Adapts to the needs of young people by offering an online apartment rental platform, in partnership with the real estate agencies Geoimmo and BePrem’s.

The student thus geolocates himself near a strategic place for him and discovers the rental announcements which are located nearby. The identified apartments can be virtually visited in detail, using the augmented reality that has been integrated into the application. Finally, for the sake of responsiveness, users send their dematerialized rental file directly via the BePrem’s platform, connected to the application.

Welcome to Students is available for free on iPhone and iPad

Organize your student life with AgendA +

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Agenda + is an electronic diary intended for students. It offers two main functions to help you stay on course with your studies:

– Organization of lessons and homework per week, per month or for the entire school year. Assignments can be prioritized and important points highlighted. You can set alerts and filter already completed tasks to display only those that have not yet been completed.

– Creation of a note book by subject and calculation of a general average.

Agenda + is available on iPhone and iPad for € 1.59.