[Etudes] Sales of tablets, boom in real-time bidding and mobile advertising

by bold-lichterman

Forrester Releases Global Sales Forecast of tablets, Real-Time Bidding recorded, in France, a growth of 400% and mobile advertising increased by 102% in the first quarter of 2012… A look back at three studies.

375M tablets sold in 2016?

Etudes Sales of tablets boom in real time bidding and mobileAfter Gartner’s forecast, it is around the Forrester Research institute to publish its estimates for worldwide tablet sales. According to him, sales in 2016 could reach 375M units (against 369M units expected for Gartner), against 56M units sold in 2011, an annual growth of 46%. At this date, nearly 760M of tablets would then be used throughout the world.

Still according to Forrester’s forecasts, iPads are expected to represent a third of total tablet sales in 2016. Another lesson from the study is that one third of tablets used in 2016 are expected to be purchased by businesses while 40% of sales are expected to come from emerging markets.

France: + 400% growth for Real-time Bidding

Etudes Sales of tablets boom in real time bidding and mobileAccording to the latest AccordantMedia report, relayed on theoffreMedia site, Real-time Bidding – purchase of display space at automated auctions – would have recorded, in France, a growth of 400% in the 1st quarter of 2012, against a worldwide growth of 120%, observed over the same period. Despite this dynamism, France currently only represents 6% of transactions, while the United States still monopolizes 47% of the market. The sector’s growth can be seen in particular in tablet and mobile inventories.

On May 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Paris, the 4th edition of the Trading Media Forum will be held, organized by Matiro. An event where it will notably be a question of the rise of real-time display. Launched almost two years ago, Matiro is a French pioneers media trading (the equivalent of Real-Time Bidding). Its algorithmic technology makes it possible to calculate the maximum bid per impression for an optimization of the ROI.

France: + 102% for mobile advertising in Q1 2012

1606053003 777 Etudes Sales of tablets boom in real time bidding and mobileAccording to the last quarterly report published by the advertising network BuzzCity, worldwide, mobile advertising would have recorded a growth of 95% in the 1st quarter of 2012, compared to the 1st quarter of 2011. In France this growth would have reached 102%. In the first quarter of 2012, more than 45 billion banner ads were delivered via the BuzzCity network.

In Mobi advertising agency published, for its part, a few days ago the first edition of its study “Mobile Insights Report” dedicated to France, for the quarter ended in March 2012. The study notably highlighted a 20% increase in mobile impressions in the space of 90 days on the InMobi network in France, which thus totals 3.3 billion impressions .