[Etudes] All online video figures for the 1st quarter of 2012

by bold-lichterman

Last February, in France, nearly 294M videos were viewed on the internet. With this real dynamism, AdVideum, a French network specializing in multi-screen video, looked at the latest trends in online video advertising. The study is also accompanied by a robot portrait of the Internet user most concerned by video campaigns.

Etudes All online video figures for the 1st quarter of

We thus learn that, although 52.6% of Internet users who have viewed video advertising are men, women spend more time in front of these campaigns, since 55% of the “viewing” time is theirs. Most of the Internet users concerned are from Ile-de-France, at 19%. The second most represented region is the west of France (14.3%). The majority of the followers are between 35 and 49 years old (29.6% for men and 30.8% for women), and belong to the CSP– (33%).

In terms of trends, AdVideum has developed a quarterly barometer based on a sample of 32 sites representative of the video advertising market. The study focuses only on pre-roll videos, a format more popular with advertisers. According to the AdVideum, the number of video advertisers present on the net would thus have increased by 48.3% between the 1st quarter of 2011 and the 1st quarter of 2012, going from 211 to 313. A growth which also affects the number of campaigns video going from 388 to 523 over the same period (+ 35%).

Among the most active sectors in this market, we find, in pole position, mass consumption with more than 100 video campaigns broadcast on all French video media. The Cine / TV / Music sector, for its part, gains a place and becomes the second most active sector. Beauty and health are in 4th position with 8 video campaigns, recorded in the first quarter alone.

    The key figures

  • 294M videos watched in France in February 2012
  • + 48.3% in the number of video advertisers in Q1 2012
  • + 35% in the number of online video campaigns in Q1 2012
  • + 41% of time spent worldwide watching videos on smartphones
  • + 32% for tablets

Along with this study, Ooyala, specialist in online video monetization, has just published its video index on 1er quarter of year 2012. Among the main lessons of this global index, Ooyala highlights the fact that, for the first time, long videos (videos of more than 10 minutes) represent more than half of the content consumed between January 1 and January 31. March 2012.

In addition, the time spent watching videos on smartphones increased by 41%, while that spent on tablets grew by 32%. On tablets, a third of the videos are watched between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Finally, 95% of the videos read on this medium are read via iPads.