[Etude] Women more “multi-channel” than men

by bold-lichterman

Spotlight on the use by women of media and new technologies … The Deloitte firm has just published the second edition of his study “Woman State of Media” as part of the Women’s Forum which opened today in Deauville. Main finding: women turn out to be much more followers of social networks and smartphones than men.

Etude Women more multi channel than menIn details:

  • If television remains the preferred medium of women (67%), they remain largely followers of multi-tasking. In short, they watch the small screen while surfing the web, texting from their smartphone or commenting on Facebook.
  • Americans are the first to practice this kind of activity (78%), but it is in France that the gap between the two sexes is the most obvious with 62% for women against only 46% for men.
  • Membership of social networks by women is massive, especially in Brazil where 84% of women contribute. In France this figure rises to 60% against 57% for men. They believe that it is possible to interact with more friends than they could if they were “offline”.
  • Women also seem to be very fond of digital communication. They are 73% in France against 68% for men to use social networks, instant messaging and sms.
  • Finally, women use their smartphones more to communicate while men find it a source of leisure and entertainment.

The study was carried out in the fourth half of 2010 with a sample of more than 14,000 women and men aged 14 to 75 across six countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil.