[Etude] What are the impacts of mobile advertising?

by bold-lichterman

Online purchase, in-store purchase, purchase from a mobile, search for additional information … Nielsen law firm recently looked at actions generated by mobile advertising.

Etude What are the impacts of mobile advertising

The study, conducted in the United States, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, identified a total of 6 different practices:

  • Online purchase from a PC
  • Instore purchase
  • Online purchase from the smartphone (or tablet) used
  • Research additional information
  • Watch the full ad to find out more
  • Use of a discount coupon offered in advertising

While the study distinguishes between mobile advertising consumed on a tablet or from a smartphone, the results between the two media differ little. In fact, the majority of users surveyed opt more for an online purchase from their PC after seeing a mobile advertisement. Thus, only a small minority of those questioned makes a purchase directly from their smartphone or tablet, particularly in the United States, where this practice only concerns 4% of tablet users and 8% of smartphone users. Many respondents also watch the entire ad or do additional research to learn more about the product or service in question.