[Etude US] Tablet Info: Who’s Ready to Put Their Hand in Their Pocket?

by bold-lichterman

According to investigation conducted by the Pew institute and the think tank The Economist Group, Americans would love to read the news from their touch pads. However, things get a little tough when it comes to paying. The study reveals low categorized scores. After a second reading and crosschecked, these figures can however be interpreted positively … Enough to warm or cool the hopes of the major press groups betting on this new market.

Etude US Tablet Info Whos Ready to Put Their Hand

In detail, this study tells us that:

  • 11% of American adults own a tablet.
  • Consulting the news comes in 3rd position (53%), after browsing the internet (67%) and consulting and sending emails (54%). Social networks come in 4th position (39%), followed by video games (30%).
  • Only 14% of users paid for read information on their tablet.
  • 23% of them, however, have a paper subscription which gives them access to the digital service.
  • 21% who have not yet purchased information on tablets, however, say they are prepared to pay a maximum of $ 5 per month to access news if there is no other way to obtain it.
  • 10% are willing to shell out $ 10.
  • These low figures are explained by the modes of access to the news. In fact, the majority of users seem to call on the search engines for their tablets to obtain information, and not the dedicated applications, which are only used in 21% of cases.
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