[Etude US] Applications represent 80% of the time spent on the mobile internet

by bold-lichterman

ComScore recently released a new version of its mobile internet audience measurement. Baptized Mobile Metrix 2.0, the tool therefore aims to analyze and quantify the various mobile uses in the United States.

Etude US Applications represent 80 of the time spent onAs part of the launch of this new measure, the institute also published the figures relating to the mobile audience for the month of March across the Atlantic. The study shows in particular that 80% of the time spent on the web by mobile users is done via mobile applications, while 20% of the remaining time corresponds to browsing mobile sites.

The study also underlines that the engagement rate differs depending on the sites and applications in question. Indeed, the Facebook and Twitter applications observe a very high engagement rate (80% and 96.5%), while Microsoft, for its part, has a higher engagement rate on its sites and not on its applications.