[Etude US] Apple captures nearly 29% of the smartphone market

by bold-lichterman

Powered by the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple has captured since last November 28.7% of the market share of smartphones across the Atlantic. Here is one of the main conclusions that emerges of the latest figures published by ComScore. Apple therefore continues to grab market share since it held only 27.3% last August.

Etude US Apple captures nearly 29 of the smartphone marketHowever, the apple brand remains largely ahead of Android mobiles, which account for nearly 47% of the market share, registering an increase of 3.1% from August to November. In front of this overwhelming domination, the other competitors, for their part, keep losing points.

RIM thus accuses of a loss of 3.1 points, Windows Mobile / Phone of 0.5 point, and Symbian of 0.3 point. Together, these three players represent just over 20% of the market share.

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