[Etude US] 80% of mobile multitasking fans watching TV

by bold-lichterman

According to the recent study “Forget Mobile, Think Multiscreen”, conducted by Yahoo! Mobile and Razorfish, 80% of Americans surveyed would use their cellphones while watching television. According to the survey, the use of mobile in front of a television program would improve the experience. Mobile multitasking is mainly used to communicate and get information.

Etude US 80 of mobile multitasking fans watching TV

In details:

  • 70% of multitasking enthusiasts resort to this practice at least once a week.
  • 49% say they use it every day.
  • In addition, during a TV program, 60% of respondents say they check their cellphones at least once or twice.
  • 15% remain connected to the Internet from their mobile throughout the program.
  • 38% of respondents say that Internet use from a mobile terminal during a television session is a “plus”.
  • 94% of followers use their mobile to communicate.
  • 60% seek additional information, but not always related to current programs.
  • Mobiles are even more heavily used during advertising pages.
  • Finally, reality TV, current affairs, sports and cooking programs as well as comedies are among the most conducive to multitasking.

The study concludes by questioning the impact of multitasking on the GRP, which corresponds to the average number of chances of contacts of an advertising campaign.