[Etude US] 1 in 3 Internet users will use a tablet by 2014

by bold-lichterman

According to a recent eMarketer study, by the end of 2011, 33.7M Americans will use a tablet at least once a month. A figure that reflects growth of nearly 160% in the space of one year. In 2014, the firm even expects 90M users. This activity would then concern more than a third of Internet users and 28% of the American population.

Etude US 1 in 3 Internet users will use a

Still according to eMarketer’s forecasts, the iPad should still appear as the market leader in 2014. The number of users of these tablets will thus increase from 28M in 2011 to nearly 61M in 3 years, or nearly 70% of the share. Steps.

As for uses, changes are also expected. So, followers should favor a more personal and less shared use, like smartphones. Finally, the average age of users should get younger. The 18-34 age group, which currently represents 31.5% of users, could then reach 34.8% in 2014.

Etude US 1 in 3 Internet users will use a