[Etude] Towards maintaining IT investments in 2012

by bold-lichterman

NetMediaEurope, in partnership with Aastra, has just published its forecast for IT spending in 2012. Conducted between December 2011 and January 2012, the study is based on a panel of 240 IT managers from French companies with 100 to 5,000 employees.

Etude Towards maintaining IT investments in 2012

In a difficult economic context, companies in the sector are proving cautious. Thus, a little more than 60% of them are moving towards maintaining their IT spending. Only nearly 20% of the companies surveyed expect an increase in investment, while almost the same share foresees a decrease in spending.

Among the technologies expected to increase spending the most in 2012 are:

  • The thin client for workstation spending, especially in public sector and service companies.
  • Hypervisors for spending on servers.
  • Wifi and IP telephony for network expenses.
  • Backup and archiving tools for storage expenses, especially in companies with 100 to 500 employees and the public sector.
  • Data security for the expense of security.
  • ERP (especially in industry) and collaborative (especially in services) for spending on applications.

On the other hand, a contraction in investment seems to threaten IT services and telephony. However, two areas could stand out:

  • System developments / integration in the service sector.
  • Smartphones for telephony, especially in companies with more than 500 employees and those in the public sector and services.