[Etude] The use of high-tech and connected services around the world

by bold-lichterman

Smartphones, tablets, TV, applications, online services … The latest study produced by Accenture draws up a real inventory of the use of high-tech products and associated online services throughout the world.

Etude The use of high tech and connected services around theCarried out online, the survey is based on a panel of nearly 10,000 consumers located in South Africa, Germany, Brazil, China, United States, France, India, Japan, Russia and Sweden.

The study reports in particular a strong growth in the use of smartphones and digital tablets to the detriment mainly of televisions. Thus, more than half (53%) of those questioned own a smartphone, compared to 28% in 2010. The rate of tablet possession, for its part, rose from 8% in 2010 to 12% in 2011.

According to Accenture, these mobile devices are increasingly used for entertainment. Thus, 44% of tablet owners watch streaming programs and 43% download applications at least once a week.

Regarding applications as a whole, nearly 64% of respondents admit having already downloaded them. Among them :

  • 69% download applications from news sites (newspapers, weather and sports).
  • 58% of social media applications.
  • And just over half (56%) of entertainment apps.

Finally, the study devotes a chapter to the uses of online services. We learn in particular that 56% of those questioned reported having changed their behavior due to the offer of online services and the development of cloud computing. In details:

  • 32% have almost given up renting and buying DVDs.
  • 26% watch streaming content.
  • 37% participate in online games.