[Etude] The technology goods market stalled in 2011

by bold-lichterman

The study firm Gfk unveiled this afternoon the results of its record on the technological goods market in 2011. Main conclusion: the sector is struggling and posted a business volume of € 16.8 billion in 2011, against € 17.6 billion the previous year, ie a decline of 4.7%. The market for technological goods therefore appears “under tension” as the cabinet indicates and seems to be suffering, like all other sectors of the economy, the consequences of the crisis.

Etude The technology goods market stalled in 2011

Photo and consumer electronics were the hardest hit. On the photography side, the decline is mainly due to a mature market. Video devices are also “in turmoil” and are sinking into the red at -12%. Finally, on the television side, if 8.7M units were sold in 2011, GfK foresees in 2012 the bursting of a bubble and therefore, sales in sharp decline.

However, these poor performances deserve to be put into perspective. Indeed, the France is doing better than Italy and England, which respectively recorded a decline of 7% and 8% in the overall market for technological goods. In addition, sales of PCs, smartphones and tablets seem to be doing well.

In fact, in 2011, nearly 1.5M tablets were sold in 2011, including 500,000 in December alone. In 2012, sales are expected to double to 3M units sold. And, contrary to fears, the rise of tablets has not harmed PC sales, which have grown by 10% in the fourth quarter of 2011. Finally, with 23.6M of products sold, including 11, 4M smartphones, mobile phones come first in sales of technological goods.

As for forecasts, the market should weigh between € 15.7 and € 16 billion in 2012.