[Etude] The French lagging behind in the adoption and use of smartphones

by bold-lichterman

The French are still accumulating a few delays in terms of smartphones and mobile internet. This is one of the main conclusions put forward in an Ipsos study, on behalf of Google, and relayed by The echoes.

Etude The French lagging behind in the adoption and useA delay first observed in terms of equipment. Indeed, according to the survey, 38% of French people currently own a smartphone, against 27% a year ago. A figure therefore increasing, but which remains, however, below the rates observed in neighboring countries, some of which, such as the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom, already exceed the 50%.

In terms of uses, here again the French appear somewhat behind. Indeed, the study shows that less than a quarter of smartphone owners have already resorted to m-commerce, a score lower than the levels posted by other European countries. And, if 70% of French owners of smartphones carry out internet searches from their mobile, this figure appears much lower than those observed in the United States, Japan, or even in Germany, indicate Les Echos.

Finally, the study points to the low number of companies with a site optimized for mobile phones: 18% in France in 2011, against 50% in the United Kingdom, for example.

As a reminder, Google launched in France on May 10, a support campaign baptized “Get involved”, whose objective is to demonstrate to advertisers the importance of adapting their website to the mobile format.