[Etude] The French are the least connected in Europe

by bold-lichterman

French consumers are thus the least connected in Europe according to the results of a recent study by Forrester on the relationship that 22,000 European consumers have with new technologies.

The study gives indications on subjects as varied as the equipment in connected devices or the uses on social networks and vis-à-vis e-commerce for the five main European countries. We learn in particular that:

75% of Europeans connect to the internet regularly, or 175.5 million people. There are, however, strong disparities, with only 58% of Italians connecting at least once a month compared to 73% of French people and 83% of Britons, i.e. 29.2 million, 36.3 million and 38.6 million people respectively. . In 2016, the number of connected Europeans could rise to 250 million.

If the British are the most equipped Europeans in terms of connected devices, the French are lagging behind: the latter have a 56% chance of owning a computer, 42% a smartphone and 7% a tablet, against 64%, 52% and 12% across the Channel. In total, they have an average of 1.6 connected devices, compared to 1.8 in the UK and 1.9 in Spain.

Forrester Connected Devices Figure Europe

The French are the least equipped Europeans with smartphones, while the average equipment rate is 45%. In terms of 4G, France is still at the back of the pack with only 4% of mobile users eligible for 4G, against 10% in Spain and on average 7% of Europeans.

On social networks, the French are once again below the European average: 55% of them are present on Facebook and 7% on Twitter for 58% and 12% of Europeans on average. Only Germany does worse, with 49% and 5% respectively. The British and the Spanish are 18% to have a Twitter account.

Finally, France is catching up in terms of e-commerce: 70% of French people buy online. The average basket is 221 €. They are thus in 3rd position behind the United Kingdom (78% / 240 €) and Germany (74% / 225 €).

Find more information on Forrester’s blog.

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