[Etude] Tablets less multitasking than smartphones

by bold-lichterman

The advertising network Orange Advertising Network, today published the results of “Orange Exposure 2011”. This study, conducted in collaboration with TNS Sofres, deciphers mobile media consumption habits.

The 2011 edition shows to what extent tablets compete with the use of television and PCs, while smartphones complement these activities. Tablets are therefore less multitasking than smartphones. Also on the menu: highlighting many other disparities in the use of these two terminals.

Etude Tablets less multitasking than smartphones

In details:

The majority of respondents use their smartphones to kill time. While they use their tablet to earn it.

In France, 94% of tablets are used at home. Thus, many “PC” activities are found on tablets: 28% of tablet users watch content on demand. The same percentage is regularly access content via streaming and 35% “watch television” on their tablet. The main consequence of this trend is a 10% decrease in PC consumption among tablet owners. Conversely, 33% of French mobile users say they browse more on their PC and 19% watch television more.

Regarding m-commerce, tablet users are three times more likely to make a purchase online than mobile users. Thus, more than 60% of tablet users have made at least one “m-commerce” transaction, compared to only 34% in the case of mobile users.

Last lesson: the web browser continues to dominate mobile applications as a means to access the internet, both on mobiles and tablets:

  • In France, 74% of laptop users use their mobile browser to access content, while 64% use mobile applications.
  • A similar trend is observed in the use of tablets: 85% of tablet users in France access the Internet through the browser, while 69% access it through applications.